Practice Areas

Natural Gas Pipelines

CBL attorneys have significant experience in the natural gas industry. We have worked extensively on certificate applications, rate cases and tariff filings. We have represented clients in numerous contested natural gas proceedings before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and in related appeals to the Federal Courts. As important as our experience with litigation is our ability to assist clients in succesfully navigating the complex and rapidly changing regulatory landscape in ways that minimize contested proceedings and regulatory delays. CBL attorneys can bring to bear a unique familiarity across the panoply of pipeline tariff and ratemaking issues in representing our clients. We have long experience with natural gas pipeline projects, both domestically and internationally. When combined with our considerable state level experience, including work involving the Regulatory Commission of Alaska, the California Public Utilities Commission, and the Texas Railroad Commission, our attorneys are able to help our clients through the full range of natural gas regulatory and project issues.